Hot-sales Shinecon VR Headsets

Hot-sales Shinecon VR Headsets

Model Number:SC-G06
Item Size: 203*122*102mm
Material: ABS

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Product Details

Whether you are just looking for some cool digital devices or casual customers of hardcore technology geeks, VR Shinecon virtual reality headsets can meet your digital needs. VR headsets are one of the hottest technologies of this century, and leading gadget manufacturers around the world are pouring into the market through their products. Many of these devices do not meet the requirements, and they cannot give you a comfortable feeling. However, Shinecon VR has been proven to change the rules of the game.


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How to use

1. Start APP and you will find many 3D players and 3D games APP. Download and install the APP you like.

2. Put the mobile phone into the product per below graph,and adjust it's position correctly. Adjust the phone frame to stabilize the phone.

3. Adjust the tightness of three headbands to the most comforting position (please note that the magic tape of three headbands should be pasted outward, which is convenient to adust.)

4. Adjust focal length: If shortsighted users find the screen unclear,please rotate two lens deasil till the screen is clear. (Users with more than 600 degrees of myopia can wear spectacles.)

5. Adjust pupil distance: If there is double image,please move the adjust button to adjust pupil distance from side to side till the image is clear and double image disappears.(Pupil distance is suitable for people of all ages.)

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