Why More And More Young People Like TWS Earbuds So Much?

- Jul 23, 2020-

1. Small and portable
First of all, I like the TWS earbuds design, most of TWS earbuds are very small, you would put it on your pocket and enjoy the music anytime and anywhere.

2.No wire any more
Then, there is no wire bondage to TWS earbuds. In the subway or crowd, if you wear wired headphones, it will be very easy to be squeezed out, or the headphone cable will be hanging on whose body or bag, which will be very embarrassing at this time. Because there is no wire, TWS earbuds can well alleviate this embarrassing phenomenon.

3.Simple connection
The last and most important, Bluetooth is used as the connection mode for TWS. Now many mobile phone manufacturers have cancelled the 3.5mm port on the mobile phone. If you want to connect the mobile phone with a wired headset, you have to carry a connecting cable with you. This is really troublesome. For TWS, you just pick the earbuds up and connect, very simple.

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