Which Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset Is Good, And What Brand Is The Most Suitable Headset For Running?

- Jul 28, 2020-

Although we seldom make time for exercise and fitness in normal time, this does not prevent us from buying fashionable sports Bluetooth headsets. For fashionable sports Bluetooth headsets, not only sports, but also can bring a good adjustment to our commuting life. The main feature of the stylish sports Bluetooth headset is its stylish appearance and strong sports performance. Here are a few stylish sports Bluetooth headsets for everyone.

Shinecon J15 sports bluetooth headset


The Shinecon J15 headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the data transmission

is nearly twice that of the previous generation. It can achieve smooth connection within 10m without blocking interference. Compatibility is also very strong. According to reports, it can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. The headset has a battery life of up to 200 hours and can be used for a whole working day.

The waterproof and dustproof level of IPX4 can achieve the effect of professional sports Bluetooth headset, so normal sweat and rain will not affect the use of the headset.

It is good based on the hardware. The treble noise is small, the sound is transparent, and the bass transition is gentle and mellow. It can distinguish between human voice and instrument sound more clearly, and the noise reduction is excellent, so that the charm of the music itself has been best released.

Shinecon TS08 wireless bluetooth headset.

wireless earphone

Shinecon TS08 Bluetooth headset configuration, I will focus on two aspects: First, the use of Qualcomm Airoha 1536u Bluetooth chipset, high-quality music transmission such as advanced AAC decoding is easy, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 not only improve the transmission speed, reduce Second, the 10mm loudspeaker allows the beautiful music to last without interruption, and the signal is stable without freezing; third, it comes with passive noise reduction technology to make the call clearer.


Shinecon TS08 true wireless Bluetooth headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which has a certain improvement in transmission capacity and signal quality compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.2. The first feeling of getting it is full of high-end texture, without any sense of cheapness. The surface can be brushed with varnish to elevate the texture to a higher level, highlighting the VIP sense of luxury. Customizing your own LOGO can win your exclusive fan base and expand the headset market that belongs to you.


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