VR Glasses The Eyes Do Hurt You Or Wearing VR Glasses For A Long Time

- Oct 08, 2016-

VR glasses for your eyes hurt, do you still wearing VR glasses for a long time? With VR glasses devices become popular, more and more people joined the ranks of VR, attracted to its magic. However you want to contact and will hesitate, head-mounted VR display screen distance, after all, so close to the eye, long wear about eye injuries?
Virtual reality glasses and now the structure is generally "lens + screen" image, in front of the lens at 2-3cm, the screen away from the lens 3-6cm, virtual image image in front of around 25cm-50cm. If you're wearing helmets is experiencing one of the games, will continue focusing on 25cm-50cm at the sight of you, unable to move, and all electronic displays in the view, eye muscles will be extremely tired after long time. Usually we are staring at a computer or TV for a long time a little longer, eyes were particularly dry and uncomfortable.
Appears whenever there is a new thing, there are people who take it for granted that is bad for your health, it is like "camera can mastermind", "cell phones brain cancer," "WIFI abortion." Eyes away from the screen was very close, but it does not focus on the close, because of the existence of convex lens, what you see is a few meters or even hundreds of metres away. Rather than watch phone in bed, eyes hurt, much smaller. If I had to pick one factor that may have negative effects on glasses, met young people interested in technology in General, want to play once enough, not so for reason of course's grasp of time. Now lay on cell phones before going to bed is the norm, despite knowing that posture, the light environment will cause damage to the eyes, but they still won't regret, because he beat your usual rational impulse to play. Although there is no long in a State experiencing virtual reality, because it is, after all, is not as mobile phones, computers, TV is more convenient and comfortable to use, but experience a virtual helmet fresh and attracted many players.

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