VR Glasses Leather Who Lives? Hi, Lens VR Or Will Terminate The Private Theater

- Oct 08, 2016 -

The beginning of 21st century, rapid development of the Internet, life-changing at the same time, also become entrepreneurs of the outlet. Until a few years ago, Steve leads the Smartphone industry, opening the era of mobile Internet, forming a new outlet. Now, the VR glasses may be the next outlet of entertainment, lifestyle-changing.
Virtual reality VR fire in nearly two years, and editor of the newspaper network, major Internet companies cheered the countless entrepreneurial small team fought, make VR seem liehuopengyou, during the first year of 2016 there. VR startups such as friends, Hi lens, Ant, big company VR project mirrors like a storm, OCULUS, HTC, rigidity of the shortage of content, interactive, experiential, however cheap, makes much of VR product users.
Trapped under many VR hardware companies carry a movie this banner claims to cinema-the big screen, 1080P or even 2K, massive, flamboyant publicity lets users can't tell which is better or worse. However personal Theater gimmicks add some hint of sex also reminds early adopters of Otaku desire, turn on Taobao, phone box type VR glasses sold thousands, meanwhile, called the Hua Qiang bei electronics bellwether counter are filled up with the dozens of plastic shell. This phone, however there are VR VR-one of the startups in the box experience, is to boast about.

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