VR Concept Rife: But Is The Current Intelligent Viewing Glasses User's Just Need To

- Oct 08, 2016-

In recent years, VR, and AR industry into has the road capital eye in the hot of incense Bobo, television, and game, and Internet multiple field of giant company and entrepreneurs are on VR expand layout, VR venture company high financing of message also frequently outgoing, public information displayed, last year domestic has 29 home VR/AR Enterprise get financing, and this year only March on has 14 Home VR/AR Enterprise get financing, which has 12 home enterprise financing amount reached do Yuan above. This makes the market very impetuous, from Giants to entrepreneurs, want a piece.
Smart eyewear market turmoil: glasses box theater at the end, take VR concept packaging
VR video glasses industry of boom has also sparked some of the restlessness, as many capital involved and the media snapped up more video glasses of some manufacturers to start worrying, are taking advantage of VR this popular attracting attention from glass boxes, end cinema, VR glasses, smart video glasses are claimed to be VR. Reason behind this is simple, is using VR red-hot earned a wave of quick money.
According to industry figures: at present the domestic market, there are already hundreds of different form of VR glasses box product mainstream price range between 100 to hundreds of Yuan. In addition, there are many just 30 yuan can use lenses and cardboard as do the simple VR equipment spread out on the market. Glasses box startups launch price below 300 yuan.

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