Virtual Reality Glasses And Other High-tech Interview Artifact Dazzle Two Sessions

- Oct 08, 2016-

From self to Google glasses, moving the camera to panoramic VR ... ... In recent years, each session of the CPPCC have high tech "artifacts" debut, enrich the forms of news reporting and audience experience, have become leading the trend of science and technology leader. This year during the two sessions, many "interview magic" appear to be mentioned in the Government work report, "Science and technology into" the most vivid commentary.
Two meetings of this year, a female reporter using virtual reality devices, of a scene, capturing him by his colleagues and quickly spread.
It is learnt that the VR (Virtual Reality) referred to as VR technologies, also known as artificial environment, application of news reports, environmental data is collected by shooting equipment, using a computer simulation of a three dimensional virtual space available to users of Visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, users like the scene in General. As the user moves, the computer can immediately perform complicated operations, will transmit the exact three dimensional images of the world chapter titles mirror screen, live "Telepresence."
This is a high-tech simulation system, makes journalists panoramic hold two sessions site details at the same time, can also enjoy the "immersion" reporting experience, viewers can also use VR in the late news of the device do not enjoy the same feast. Many experienced its representatives have exclaimed: "news is moving up!""

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