The US VR Consumer Research People Know More And More VR But Only 5% Of People Have VR Headsets

- Nov 17, 2017-

US VR consumer research: people know more and more VR only 5% of people have head

Recently, ReportLinker conducted an online survey of 650 U.S. respondents and found that the appeal of VR is still growing. Market analysts predict that in the next five years, the VR market will reach 30 billion U.S. dollars at a compound annual growth rate of 55%.G04E黑色英文详情页_07.jpg

Currently, VR is the game in the most widely understood area. The wave of VR started in Asia and is now spreading slowly and steadily in the United States. In VR games, players no longer play with game consoles as they did with "old times," but instead go from one VR head to another. Although VR is a serious technique, the game allows more viewers to experiment with the fun and excitement of this technology.

However, at present, only 5% of Americans choose VR head. Earlier, ReportLinker conducted a similar survey and found that since January 2017, the number of respondents who were confident to VR knowledge increased by 14% (from 22% to 36%) and felt they could adequately inform unfamiliar The technology friend explained.

The use of head of the United States vr technology is very positive view, of which 84% of the technology affirmed. On the other hand, those who have not tried the VR head seem to be losing interest


According to a ReportLinker study conducted in 2016, those who were positive about VR dropped from 83% last year to 76% this year.

Among the brand recognition, Samsung still occupy a leadership position. The latest research shows that when it comes to the VR brand, 35% will first think of Samsung, but this ratio is also lower than last year's 44%


And Sony (20%) and Oculus (16%) VR brand awareness and Samsung is still some distance.

The vast majority of consumers have not worn the VR head showed significant experience. Brand to reach more consumers, the marketing should focus on encouraging people to actively consider the purchase of VR heads. But people's perception of the VR head may remain in the mid-to-late-1990s technology, considering it cumbersome and even skeptical as a metaphor for "attaching two televisions to their eyes."

If the brand focus on the development of VR gaming technology, may be able to help overcome the negative head image, after all, so that ordinary consumers are interested in buying is the most crucial.7_17.jpg

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