Selling Machine Cassidy Also Launch VR Glasses

- Oct 08, 2016-

Recently, small fighter group new held of launches, announced has new products "joy living room F1" and new commercial mode "joy shop" joined system, joy living room F1 "is a paragraph to movement fitness core, to VR interactive, and body sense movement for technology highlights, set new family parent-child movement, and living room game entertainment, and body sense movement fitness, and VR audio Yu one of living room application products.
 Overlord VR audio helmet, body movement, double handles, Kara OK microphone, yoga carpets, stylish speakers and hardware integration in a unified platform, so as to create a one-stop home entertainment platforms.

The launches, small fighter in launched new "joy living room F1" of while also released has new of commercial mode--joy shop full network marketing new mode, joy shop full network marketing mode put entity shop, and phone end, and electric business three network sales mode formed a unit sales power, is very with Internet thinking, and integrated entity business, and Mobile Terminal sales, and equity marketing of new mode.

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