Recommended Four Popular Mainstream Bluetooth Headsets In 2020, Don’t Just Know Airpods!

- Jul 29, 2020-

Bluetooth headsets abandon the trouble of wired headset wires, so this compact and convenient Bluetooth headset is more and more popular with everyone. As a consumer group with tens of millions of consumers, the student party is also the main consumer group of the Bluetooth headset brand. The earphones are designed according to the student party. The student party’s requirements for choosing Bluetooth headsets are not low. On the contrary, it is the most difficult group to deal with. Not only the configuration and performance, but also the appearance and price.

NO.1 Travel Essential Companion--SC-TS08

BT earphones

As a person who emphasizes personality, most people's requirements for Bluetooth headsets are both easy to use and beautiful. A must-have companion for travel-SC-TS08 This headset is simple and stylish, without a trace of extra decoration, which is very in line with the prevailing minimalist style, and therefore reflects its attitude and philosophy of keeping up with fashion. The charging compartment is made of smooth material, which feels like a piece of gentle jade, which is extremely comfortable.

The configuration, sound quality and endurance of the TS08 Bluetooth headset are among the best in Bluetooth headsets. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip solution, long battery life, smart touch and other leading technologies, and is sought after and loved by major consumers.

A must-have companion for travel--SC-TS08 has perfect sound quality. It uses rare graphene unit + 8mm high-fidelity stereo dynamic coil to ensure the purest sound quality and better resolution for headphones. It has been combined with musicians thousands of times. Curve comparison and hundreds of cavity optimizations bring immersive sound effects like a music scene.

NO.2 SHINECON-- SC-B2 Noise reduction bluetooth headset


SC-B2 is a head-mounted Bluetooth noise-cancelling headset with physical button control, built-in microphone, simple and neutral black appearance. With soft leather, it can be worn for a long time with good comfort. However, this is not a sports headset. It is worn during strenuous exercise, so it is not recommended to start as a sports headset.

It adopts Bluetooth 4.1 technology, has SBC, MP3, AAC audio decoding functions, and also has A2DP, AVRCP high-quality stereo audio transmission and remote control protocols, and also supports voice prompts; users can easily and quickly enjoy high-quality audio anytime, anywhere Music, phone calls, etc., support any Bluetooth terminal device.

NO.3 The old brand is guaranteed-Motorola VerveBuds400


Motorola brand believes that all users will not be unfamiliar. As a brand that used to be popular all over the world, although it is a little backward in the mobile phone industry, the Bluetooth headset designed is still popular among users. This Motorola brand VerveBuds400 wireless Bluetooth headset, the overall compact body conforms to ergonomic design, even if it is worn for a long time, it will not cause discomfort. Coupled with its own IPX6 waterproof design, it can effectively prevent sweat from damaging components, without fear of heavy rain, even if it is raining or listening to music while taking a bath, it can be relaxed and stress-free.

In addition, the portable charging compartment is made of aluminum alloy metal material, which is resistant to collision and corrosion. At the same time, the suction effect of metal can effectively prevent the earphones from falling, wholeheartedly, just to bring you a more comfortable listening experience.

NO.4 Simple and stylish--SC-TS06


The SC-TS06 wireless bluetooth headset designed by SHINECON is built with a stylish and simple solid color appearance, without too many fancy elements. Wearing on the ears can still reflect the energetic personality of young people. At the same time, the design of wireless charging makes this Bluetooth headset a better experience.

Combined with the long-distance transmission of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, even if the mobile phone is placed in the living room, people can hear the clear and smooth sound quality in the bedroom and kitchen. It is worth mentioning that the headset also supports smart touch control, making it easier and more convenient to call and cut songs. Attentive design everywhere, just to make your use more comfortable.

Many users in life will choose to use headphones to listen to music or entertainment, especially in scenes such as subway and bus, almost one person. It can also be seen that people have a strong demand for Bluetooth headsets. But having said that, there are many types of wireless Bluetooth headsets on the market today, and many users are very entangled in the selection process and don't know where to start. The several wireless Bluetooth headsets recommended above, with delicate sound quality, excellent battery life, and comfortable wearing experience, are not worse than AirPods, so you might as well try it!

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