Oculus New Patent Exposure VR Headsets That Supports Both Mobile Phones And PC

- Dec 22, 2017-

A new Oculus patent is announced today, a patented, first-class concept that is compatible with both mobile phones and PCs. This patent number is 20170364144, invented by Yury Anatolievic Petrov and submitted in 2016. The VR headsets of the patent can display the corresponding picture according to the difference of the input signal. In the first mode, the picture input by the desktop computer can be received and the picture input by the portable computer can be received in the second mode.

Virtual Reality.png

The picture in the patent application shows various possible arrangements of the head-mounted parts, including holding the phone behind the head and connecting it to the head-mounted display with a data cable.

The arrangement of the display and the processing unit in the Oculus patent is very interesting. The Magic Leap One, which was just exposed yesterday, is powered by a processing unit in its pocket. The current head of the VR usually need to access the PC or game console, or use the phone as a monitor. From the 2017 head-to-head survey of VR, the latter approach is easier to implement, but it is also limited in many ways. Oculus is developing a VR all-in-one that integrates rendering, tracking and display units, but is the patented approach also good? Future mobile phones can insert more VR head display and turn off the screen to achieve more functionality? In this way work, the battery power consumption will become larger or smaller?

Virtual Reality .png

Obviously the patents do not add these capabilities to Oculus in the future, but from this patent we can see that the world's largest technology company is trying to find ways to break through VR / AR head restraints for maximum immersion

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