HTC Will Launch The New Stand-alone VR Heads On November 14

- Nov 07, 2017-


   It's no secret that HTC Vive's head of virtual reality is welcome among PC enthusiasts, and a recent report shows the company is preparing to launch a new, stand-alone version of this popular device. HTC recently filed for a "Vive Focus" trademark in the EU and the United States. 

   HTC has registered a "Vive M" trademark in China, triggering speculation about the device. The new HTC VR headphone is said to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Qualcomm mobile VR platform designed to provide adequate legroom. It will also replace the camera settings required for HTC Vive by using Internal Location Tracking. Alleged HTC head of the VR is about to debut at the Vive Developer's Conference (VDC 2017) in Beijing on November 14 HTC downgraded HTC Vive earlier this year by $ 200 to stimulate the adoption of the device, and Free "Radiation 4 VR" game. In addition, it launched its own virtual reality portal, VivePort, that offers exclusive content and special offers to those who purchase devices.

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