HTC Launches VIVE WAVE VR Open Platform To Debut The First Virtual Machine VR Focus

- Nov 21, 2017-

On November 14, 2017, HTC today announced the VIVE WAVE ™ VR Open Platform at the VIVE ™ Developer Summit (VDC2017) today. The platform combines development tools and ancillary services to help third-party partners streamline the mobile VR content development process and optimize the use of high-performance devices. 12 hardware partners expressed their will to integrate Vive Wave and the corresponding VIVEPORT ™ open content platform in future products.


The introduction of Vive Wave enables developers to develop and distribute cross-hardware content based on a unified development platform and application store to address the high fragmentation issues that have long plagued the domestic mobile VR market. Currently, more than 35 selected content development teams at home and abroad have created premium mobile VR content for Vive Wave, and 14 of the development teams have also demonstrated at the summit.

On the VDC 2017, Vive also debuted the highly anticipated VIVE FOCUS ™, a high-end all-in-one VR device that is also based on the Vive Wave VR open platform.



Designed for the mass market, Vive Focus is ready to go, easy to use,

comfortable to wear, easy to carry, with inside-out tracking technology, 6 DOF (6DoF) support, world-scale high-end VR One machine products. Vive Focus eliminates the need to connect a computer or cell phone, reducing the cost of high-end VR devices for the broader consumer base. Not only that, Vive Focus is equipped with a high-resolution AMOLED display equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform that supports the Vive Wave VR open platform.


Vive Wave VR SDK (Software Development Kit) provides an open interface, compatible with a variety of mobile VR Headsets and accessories, and the Viveport store as a common content platform. As a result, VR developers can focus more effectively on content development and reach larger audiences through VR devices from different vendors; hardware partners can significantly reduce the effort invested in basic optimization and become more focused on devices Its own innovations, and access to the much-needed premium VR content through the Viveport platform. On the conference site, 500 qualified applicants were given preferential access to the Vive Wave Development Kit (one for Vive Focus Developer Edition). Other interested developers can log in to / developer-portal for free loan application, Vive will filter according to the quality of application plan.


In addition, Vive announced a global strategic partnership with Unity Technologies, a leading VR development platform, to provide "One-Click Upload Viveport" capabilities for developers of PCs and mobile devices. Unity will integrate Viveport into Unity's content platform and give developers a more convenient way to download the Vive Wave VR SDK. In addition, Unity will integrate Vive's in-app payment and VR advertising capabilities into its development system to create more revenue opportunities for VR developers in China and the Asia-Pacific region.


In order to inspire outstanding developers' creativity and innovation, Vive also formally announced the launch of the new Viveport Content Contest (VDA2) for developers in the global VR and AR fields. More details on the categories of awards, selection process, awards, etc. will be announced in December this year.

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