How VR/AR Education Broke Out ,On The Occasion Of Recovery

- Nov 10, 2017-

    VR / AR technology has been applied to simulation training, industry, medical care, entertainment, aerospace, real estate, education, tourism and other industries. At present, VR / AR technology has reached a certain scale. The characteristics and the core of virtual reality are immersive and immersive to virtual Space, but also has the interactivity and imagination. The combination of VR / AR and education can subvert the bottleneck that the educated party in traditional teaching methods can not participate in and interact with. Student just need to put on the VR Glasses .It not only provides vivid and lifelike learning environments for students such as mannequins, computer space travel, and molecular structure of compounds And so on, but also can save the cost of education, to avoid the risk of actual operation, stimulate students' knowledge and innovation potential, solve many previously unsolved problems of education, bring an unprecedented educational change.


Currently, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Zhejiang University, Peking University and other institutions have set up virtual reality technology laboratories; Affiliated High School of Renmin University of China to become China VR / AR Teaching Alliance The Central School and Beijing Peixin Primary School Principal became the first "Basic Education VR Teaching Model School" in China. Many primary and secondary schools in the country introduced VR / AR classrooms for teaching.


1. VR classroom throughout the country

VR classrooms will become the main expression of VR education, VR blackboards, VR desks, VR desks and so on can accommodate a wide range of VR tutorials, textbooks and teachers. The application of VR technology in teaching has made the micro-world macroscopic, the planar world solidified and the abstract world concretized to solve and break the difficulties and bottlenecks in the traditional teaching.

2.Online education

Online education can break the time and space constraints, improve learning efficiency, sharing of educational resources and reduce the threshold of learning. The combination of VR technology and online education will bring a new 360 ° immersive experience to make the learning content more authentic, interactive, fun and authentic, which will greatly enhance the experience of online education curriculum. VR education on the existing teaching system will bring great impact or even subversion. Do not need to squeeze the head elite, just a VR Headsets can stay in elite schools, close to listen to elite teaching, which is the terminator of elite, school district finisher. VR education will transform the traditional education industry and reconstruct the order of education industry.

3.VR Education Experience Hall

VR Experience Museum integrates education and entertainment. With VR Glasses, visitors can learn all kinds of scientific knowledge from ancient times to the future in 3D and 4D environments and experience the changes brought by the latest high-tech technologies to the human visual experience , Aware of the latest VR technology development results.

4. Safety education

Immersion in the VR world places people in "real" disaster scenarios such as fires, floods and earthquakes, maximizing the importance of disaster prevention from the bottom of their hearts. Can provide shopping malls, schools, hotels, subways, homes, airports and other scenarios, simulated immersion immersion experience, popularize fire safety knowledge, improve fire emergency rescue capabilities, effectively reduce the harm caused by the fire.

To promote the deep integration of VR / AR and industry, the organizing committee of VRSD will hold the "2017 Beijing International VR / AR Education Forum" on November 17, 2017 at Beijing Yicheng International Convention Center to showcase VR / AR + Education Solutions In the virtual training, virtual simulation of the campus, virtual classroom teaching, virtual scene test and other educational scenarios, application cases, then the national research institutes, institutions of higher learning, the national K12 education institutions, vocational training institutions, professional training institutions Education industry experts, scholars, leaders, domestic and foreign education + VR / AR content developers, technology developers, hardware vendors, material suppliers, etc. will jointly explore the education + VR / AR technology innovation and application prospects for the education industry to provide practical Feasible VR / AR application technology and success stories.

Shinecon SC-AIO01

Shinecon SC-AIO01

Over the same period, "VR / AR Industry Summit, Epson (China) AR Eyewear New Release Conference, VR / AR Investment and Financing Session, China VR / AR Industry Application and Innovation Contest" will be held to set up the industrial, educational, medical, tourism and real estate , Film and television industry exchange and interaction of the top event, in-depth discussion of VR / AR vertical applications in the field of technological innovation and prospects for the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries to bring opportunities for the industry to provide more new venture capital opportunities.

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