How To Choose TWS Earbuds?

- Jul 22, 2020-

From the birth of the world’s first pair of earphones in the 1880s, from the initial shoulder-mounted, handheld, to the modern coil, earbuds, and back-hung types, the appearance of the earphones has become smaller and lighter and lighter, and the technology involved From a single audio transmission communication to today's stereo, Bluetooth, and noise reduction, it may become a new generation of mobile devices, interactive portals for smart cities, etc. in the future. In modern times, mobile headsets have gone through three stages: wired headsets-ordinary wireless Bluetooth headsets-true wireless blue headsets. Since the iPhone 7 canceled the 3.5mm jack last year, the Bluetooth headset market has developed rapidly, especially a TWS wireless Bluetooth headset quietly rising.

From a definition point of view, TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, which means "true wireless stereo". The left and right earphones form a stereo system through Bluetooth, and the mobile phone connects to a receiving section. The receiving end will divide the stereo into one side and wirelessly send it to the other receiving end to form a stereo.

Ordinary Bluetooth audio equipment can only achieve 1 to 1 connection, including ordinary wireless Bluetooth headsets. However, there is no wire connection between the two earplugs of the TWS headset, and a 1-to-2 connection is required when connecting with a mobile phone. Apple AirPods use Snoop monitor mode, that is, left and right ears listen together, and Apple has implemented a patent blockade on the monitor mode. In the early days, other TWS mainly adopted the relay forwarding mode. Audio was transmitted from the mobile phone to the left ear (master device), and then forwarded from the left ear to the right ear (slave device).

Apple’s monitoring model leads the industry. AirPods is Apple’s most successful hardware product in the past two years. Shipments have maintained rapid growth. Shipments in 2017 were about 13 million units, and in 2018 they reached about 27 million units. We expect 2019- In 2021, Apple’s AirPods shipments will grow rapidly, reaching 5,500, 8,000, and 110 million units respectively.

According to the forecast of Tuo Dai Industry Research Institute, the global TWS market will reach 11 billion yuan in 2020, and the industry growth rate in 19-20 will be 40.0% and 46.7% respectively. In China, true Bluetooth headsets are also in the stage of heavy volume. According to IDC data, 2019Q2 true wireless accounted for 66% of China's headset market shipments and became an important part of it. True wireless earphones have won the love of more and more users for their convenient and comfortable use experience without wires. China's true wireless headset shipments have grown by more than 100% year-on-year for several consecutive quarters.

Although Apple's technology remains the industry leader, Android technology has also made breakthroughs. Airoda, Qualcomm, and Huawei have introduced differentiated connection solutions, which have gradually reduced connection performance or even surpassed Apple's monitoring solutions. Airodar launched MCSync technology equipped with AB1536 chip, which is comparable to Apple. MCSync has the advantages of more stable connection, reduced sound skipping, low delay, more balanced power consumption in both ears, applicable to various mobile phone platforms, and its comprehensive connection performance. The experience is in line with Apple's AirPods, becoming a popular chip; Qualcomm is equipped with QCC5100/QCC30XX Bluetooth chips for dual-channel transmission. Under the TWS+ connection technology, there will be two independent audio streams directly transmitted from the mobile phone to two different headsets, that is, the left and right channels are connected independently, and the headset will automatically switch to the TWS universal mode compatible with almost all smart phones. Shinecon’s self-produced and self-sold bluetooth headsets select 1536 chips and JL6936 chips with good stability, good connectivity, and low loss, and any pairing in single and binaural modes enables users to enjoy the dream of enjoying the music world and being alone with their souls. Professional tuner, customized according to different markets and customers, tune up the favorite heavy bass and clear voice.

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