How To Choose Headphones For Novices?

- Jul 27, 2020-

How to wear headphones without harming hearing?

Maybe you have encountered this kind of thing: every time I want to buy headphones, my friends always tell me that headphones can damage my hearing, so I try not to use headphones to listen to music! The author opposes this: If the right earphone is not selected, it will not only affect the clarity and hearing, but also cause an explosion or leakage in serious cases; if the earphone is not standardized, it will also damage the hearing.

So this time, let's get rid of the rumors and understand how to choose earphones and how to use earphones in a standardized way to protect our hearing?

First of all, if the budget allows, we try to buy active noise reduction headphones. Compared with traditional passive earphones, active noise reduction headphones have the advantage that they can eliminate common noises in daily life without affecting higher-frequency human voices and warning sounds.

In a noisy environment, if the noise environment is 70 decibels, you must put the music to 75 decibels or 80 decibels to suppress the noise and you can hear it. If the noise in the surrounding environment is only 30 decibels, then 45 decibels The music can be heard very clearly, which indirectly reduces your volume for protection.

Secondly, it cannot be worn for a long time. If you wear headphones for a long time, I believe everyone has tried it. The result is dizziness and tinnitus. If you use headphones for a long time and turn on a louder volume, headphones of any quality can directly affect your hearing, so don't keep loud volume play music.

Also, the volume cannot be too loud. I have just mentioned the use time issue. Every vibration of the earphone will act on the eardrum. The greater the volume, the greater the amplitude, and the greater the damage to hearing. Therefore, it is best to follow the "60-60" principle when wearing headphones. , That is, each time you wear headphones to listen to music for no more than 60 minutes, the volume should not exceed 60% of the total volume when listening to music.

Finally, there is the topic of headset hygiene. Most people will ignore this problem directly. In addition to paying attention to the above two points, hygiene problems can be said to be one of the culprits of ear bacterial infections. Long-term confined environments can cultivate bacteria to multiply, and to a certain extent, you can infect your ear canal. It can cause itchy or irritation of the ear canal, which can seriously affect your hearing. Therefore, the hygiene of the earphone should not be ignored. It is best to clean and keep it clean regularly!

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