Google Will Push Daydream VR Glasses Are Given Mobile VR Platform Reference Designs

- Oct 08, 2016 -

SINA tech news on May 19 morning news, Google I/O Developers Conference today, Google announced that it will launch in the fall of VR platform Daydream, the latest update to Android n system will join the VR mode. Google, meanwhile, VR glasses and control handle are given reference design.

In phones, manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and HTC with Google to develop mobile phone devices that support Daydream.

In the field of headset, Google gives a reference design, Google believes that new VR headset to more comfortable and can be worn for a long time, they've shared standard design information with hardware vendors. Google gives the control handle reference design is very simple, only two buttons and a trackpad.

In terms of VR applications, Google for VR reconstructs the YouTube application. Later, Hulu, Netflix, HBO and IMAX will provide VR movie content to Daydream.

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