Fireworks Workshop Acts VR Glasses Listed At $ 199 With Gyro

- Oct 08, 2016-

September 26, 2016, Beijing---Fireworks workers square official released very scene VR glasses, this paragraph VR glasses used built-in gyroscope programme, effect far super market Shang common of General VR glasses box, can for mainstream Ann Zhuo phone brings almost no Vertigo of VR experience, currently Taobao pre-sale has official began (Taobao in the search: very scene VR glasses), price only for 199 Yuan, and random distribution Fireworks theater and Gear VR level game, While the glasses are also compatible with Cardboard games and applications.

Most Cardboard glasses low prices on the market from more than 10 Yuan to hundreds of Yuan level of good products, but these early VR glasses case poor experience, strong dizziness, led to the gradual loss of users.

Why high performance VR glasses represented by the Samsung GearVR built-in gyroscope? Mobile phones available in the market are equipped with a gyroscope, but subject to cost and other factors, which tend to have a lower accuracy and performance, can not be achieved smoothly, Vertigo-free VR experience. Glasses box built in gyroscope technologies, it is recognized as the industry's low cost and improve the user experience of sophisticated programs, but subject to the VR system and software development capabilities, until the current domestic VR industry is still little related products available.

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