Features Of Good Headphones

- Jul 24, 2020-

1. Good sound separation.

2. Good three-band ductility. The high frequency is melodious, such as Xu Meijing’s "Want to Ride the Passing Time with You", your tympanum is vibrated by her loud high pitch, and you want to see the ocean together; when the theme song of "Pirates of the Caribbean" sounds, your whole mouth They all opened up, followed by buzzing.

3. There are many details and good analysis. Never heard such a wealth of details, you will find that there are so many instruments in this piece.

4. Image interpretation, accurate positioning, and condensed sound. When you think of the violin in the devil's tremolo, you will discover it, ah, the violin is at 11 o'clock, yes, it is there.

5. Large sound field. GD's "light it up" began to play, drums came from the farthest point in the direction of 2 o'clock, 5 seconds later, the piano played at the front left side of the side, 20 seconds later, the human voice sounded directly in front. The sound is far and near, with a sense of distance.

SC-J10 headphone

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