Cooperation Between Security Research Institute And Bluetooth Technology Alliance

- Nov 06, 2020-

Cooperation between Security Research Institute and Bluetooth Technology Alliance

There is a planned and purposeful cooperative relationship between the Security Institute and the Bluetooth Technology Alliance (SIG). SIG is a non-profit industry association that is mainly responsible for overseeing Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth Technology Alliance encourages the community to actively review the specifications, because these specifications are public. In the specific environment of the laboratory, it is not easy to find and find these vulnerabilities.

We are now using and relying on the technology, it is very necessary to pay attention to its security, and the Bluetooth Technology Alliance and its members are always paying attention to whether the use of Bluetooth produces threats. The convenience and importance of wireless Bluetooth are self-evident to us, and at the same time ensuring its security is more critical, which is also an important reason why Bluetooth security technology has been continuously improved.

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