Content Missing VR Glasses Can Only Be Room For Gray

- Oct 08, 2016-

The last two years, VR is undoubtedly one of the brightest business stars project. First year of 2016 was generally considered to be VR. However, beginning in the second half of this year, VR business has begun to cool. Apple's CEO, in an interview claimed that AR Cook more promising than VR.

On September 20, in micro-whale Conference, micro-co-founder and CEO of whales, bestv's Chief Executive admitted that VR business has now entered a hot, VR business now is in a bottleneck. Just like in the swamp between the two mountains: travel hard and found to overcome the difficulties ahead.

"VR glasses in rooms of consumers eating ash"

Hot, not cool, need to return to the beginner's mind. This is the VR business, bestv's Chief Executive described the current three words. Bestv's Chief Executive admitted that in the past year he had "tired". In fact, in the past year, many VR manufacturers had not been easy.

"Now the Lake as two mountain valleys are in a swamp. A year ago that VR will change people's lifestyle. But now there is a very high mountain, and the foot was a swamp. The "bestv's Chief Executive said that VR devices now use the experience far met the expectations of consumers. "Consumers buy VR glasses meaning, just to test how much ash is in the room. "

"VR as it did in 1999, the Internet. Have a lot to improve. 8848 at that time to do e-commerce, logistics, payment and credit systems is a problem in China. So soon the silence. Later, Ali established a mobile payment system, trading platforms, rookie to do logistics. Create a closed-loop chain, so we can now succeed. "

However, bestv's Chief Executive did not agree with Cook's statement. "Apple says AR better, but I think he had forgotten how to beat Microsoft, which is starting from entertainment, to grab consumers, I think VR there is still great potential in this regard. "

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