Battle For Mobile VR Glasses Handle Controller

- Oct 08, 2016-

Daydream View Google is finally released, but being unusually quiet, this was to be expected and will not cause waves. Attention of the outside world seem to handle Bluetooth controller, controller has a built-in Google handles 9 axis IMU sensors to achieve precision tracking. Battery life for up to 12 hours.
About mobile VR glasses handle controller, is the introduction of more suited to handle VR game controller can handle controller role to play. Microsoft XBOX hand controllers has launched a Bluetooth version, and with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Lenovo. Similarly, the current domestic VR glasses, Bluetooth controllers are brand standard, easy there is homogeneity of phenomena.
Bluetooth functionality of the handle may also determine the demand supporting VR glasses, on VR games when head control has been unable to meet demand, even an adapter and easy to handle Bluetooth controller is a good solution. However, handle controller also did not rise to the height of handle controller Vive and Rift. PCVR games and handle the controller has not been difficult, mobile VR, and without it, most of the game can be played.
However, this situation with the platforms of the major brand manufacturers ecological construction and improvement. Especially the presence of non-DEMO game, and after those popular IP game VR, porting mobile VR platform as well. Doujin game and appears before the IP game into early development. VR interactive the core concept of the building, we can handle controller.

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