2 Years Sold A Hundred Thousand Of VR Glasses: VR Entrepreneur Secrets

- Oct 08, 2016 -

Tomorrow Tencent annual cooperation partners Assembly is in Fuzhou held, today gamelook early arrived in, happened of is and author roommate of is one in VR field exploration has 2 years of entrepreneurs, and Shanghai heart tour VR founder Gu Xinhong (nickname: Gu Xiao make), is interesting of is Gu Xiao make 2 years to sold has a hundred thousand of sets VR glasses, while he of team open opened has Taobao shop designed thing engaged in VR hardware, and accessories of sales, and they also operation this himself of VR experience shop, and and joined shop, Did the VR concerned matters more, the rich are rare, and fortunately he was within 2 years of hard earned money. VR heat this year, we have to understand it to VR industry situation in all areas.

Could you introduce yourself? Why enter the VR line, your team is doing now what?

Gu Xiao make: I University is learn mechanical professional of, graduated Hou do had clothing accessories of procurement, from procurement do car 4S of claims, also do had Blizzard world of Warcraft of currency business, first times contact VR is 2014 of Google carborad zhihou, first eye on fans Shang has VR this very let people fascinated of field, then most began from electric business cut, and zhihou do personal micro-signal, and micro-Bo, to UGC of way began carried, currently is bucket fish live VR section of first VR broadcast main, We are one of the earliest VR the first people to live.

Our main VR VR live experience evaluation of hardware to software, including the latest VR hardware out of the box review, VR game reviews, recommended to the VR player. While, we from 2014 began in Taobao open shop specifically sales VR hardware, and peripherals, 2 years time we of Taobao shop VR equipment of sales also do has Taobao VR shop of leading location, actually from 2014 began we this business has been keep with profit of State continued has, ins and outs sold of VR phone box has a hundred thousand of sets, half not to of time, by we hand directly sold of HTC VIVE equipment has thousands Taiwan, also didn't open sale of PSVR, and Players in the us also has a predetermined amount of hundreds.

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