KN95 Mask With FDA Certificate

KN95 Mask With FDA Certificate

External nose bridge
Rope length: 23cm
1* 50g non-woven fabric (SS)
1* 25g Meltblown cloth (95)
1* 50g hot air cotton (ES)
1* 25g Meltblown cloth (95)
1* 25g non-woven fabric (SS)

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1.Wash your hands before wearing a mask, or avoid touching your hands with the inside of the mask while wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of the mask being contaminated.

2.Distinguish the inside and outside of the mask, up and down.

3.Do not squeeze the mask by hand. KN95 masks can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask by hand, the virus will wet the mask with the droplets and it is easy to cause virus infection.

4.Try to make the mask and the face have a good adhesion. The simple test method is: after putting on the mask, exhale hard, and the air cannot leak from the edge of the mask.

5.The protective mask must be close to the user's face, and the user must shave the beard to ensure that the mask can fit the face. The beard and anything between the mask seal and the face will cause the mask to leak.

6.After adjusting the position of the mask according to your face shape, use your forefinger to press the nose clip along the upper edge of the mask to make it fit the face.

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Less than 1 work shift, but when the mask is obviously dirty or damaged, or when the user feels a significant increase in breathing resistance, it also needs to be replaced; do not visually feel that the mask is very clean, or wipe with a dry cloth / wet cloth Prolong the use time of the mask afterwards, otherwise it may cause secondary pollution of the respiratory environment.

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