Popular KN95 Protective Mask

Popular KN95 Protective Mask

External nose bridge
Rope length: 23cm
1* 50g non-woven fabric (SS)
1* 25g Meltblown cloth (95)
1* 50g hot air cotton (ES)
1* 25g Meltblown cloth (95)
1* 25g non-woven fabric (SS)

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Product Details

  • Welcome to purchase the kn95 mask made by shinecon, which uses high-quality fabrics made in accordance with the standard, and supports large orders.

  • The protective effect is superior to medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. It is recommended for on-site investigation, sampling and testing personnel. The public can also wear it in highly crowded or closed public places.

  • Wearing a mask can prevent viruses and bacteria, and protect our own health, especially in the hospital. Everyone must remember that during the SARS in 2003, whether it was medical workers or ordinary people, almost everyone had a mask. This is actually the reason.

  • Now that everyone is in the hospital, especially in the departments of respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, fever clinics, and intensive care units, it is recommended that you always wear a mask. And the recent severe new pneumonia is constantly reminding us that we need to wear masks in time and correctly.

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What are the principles of using masks?

· No blind use, no over-protection.

· In an open place, there is no need to wear a mask.

· Cotton masks have no protection against viral infections.

· Patients with basic respiratory diseases need to use protective masks under the guidance of a doctor.

· Infants and toddlers of extremely young age should not wear masks, which can easily cause suffocation.


Less than 1 work shift, but when the mask is obviously dirty or damaged, or when the user feels a significant increase in breathing resistance, it also needs to be replaced; do not visually feel that the mask is very clean, or wipe with a dry cloth / wet cloth Prolong the use time of the mask afterwards, otherwise it may cause secondary pollution of the respiratory environment.

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