You do not know the VR on the 10 knowledge,do you know

- Nov 01, 2017-

knowledge one

The concept of virtual reality first appeared in the 1932 novel, but it was not until 1955 that the VR device prototype was designed

On the concept of virtual reality was first mentioned should be traced back to Aldous Huxley 1932 launched the novel "Brave New World", this novel to the 26th century as the background, describes the mechanical civilization of the future society of people's life scenes. This book mentions that "a headset can provide a range of sensory experiences, such as images, smells, sounds, etc., so that viewers can better immerse themselves in the world of movies." In 235 years after 1955 , The photographer Morton Heilig only designed the prototype map.

knowledge two

VR invented the beginning of the US military in order to solve the pilot's pilot driving problem

In the 1960s, with the fighter technology progress, when the US Air Force faced this big problem: the fighter pilot in the sonic flight at the same time, how to control 300 switches, eye view 75 display screen, but also have to dodge the enemy's fire shooting. In order to allow flight data in real time in front of the pilot, to avoid the pilot has been turning the head to see a different dashboard, missed the opportunity to target the enemy aircraft, so in 1967 the birth of the first pilots dedicated helmet external display (Helmet-Mounted Display , Referred to as HMD).

knowledge three

Early VR equipment because the helmet too heavy had to be embedded in the ceiling, and some also need 8 rooms as large as the system computer support, unlike the current VRBOX as easy and easy to operate.

In 1968, computer scientist Ivan Sutherland also developed a final monitor - the sword of Damocles, but because of the quality of heavy, had to connect it and the ceiling to reduce the weight.

In 1986, the US military's Super Cockpit Project was finally able to allow pilots to instantly enter a virtual world of flying cockpit, replacing the complexity of three hundred dashboards with an intuitive information display Interface, and finally reached a man-machine integration. But because of the huge energy consumption, when a total of eight rooms need a large system of computers to support the calculation of the required horsepower, which two of the screen on the need for each one to operate.

knowledge four

The first virtual reality device was invented in 1967, but in fact the word "virtual reality" was created in 1990

In fact, the prototype of the so-called virtual reality equipment that was introduced before the 1990s was not equated with the VR, because the word was not created at that time. The term "Virual Reality" (VR) was created by J. Lanier, founder of VPL Research in the United States, in 1990. At that time, annotations were referred to as a series of sensing aids such as stereoscopic glasses and sensing gloves Facilities to achieve a three-dimensional reality. But today we have been widely recognized the word VR, and its representative of this kind of concept and equipment.

knowledge five

The world's first civilian VR equipment priced at up to 50,000 US dollars

In 1990, VPL Research was also the first company to bring VR equipment to the civilian market, but the price was too expensive - $ 50,000, and nearly $ 30 million was an astronomical figure nearly 30 years ago. VR equipment can really enter the consumer market, the price is reasonable is also very important reason, compared to Vive virtual reality equipment price only 5488 yuan, it is too cost-effective!

knowledge six

One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in VR equipment today is the ability to achieve 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) tracking and wireless transmission

The current VR device compared to the original, in addition to greatly reduce the weight of the helmet and calculate the size of the host, there is to achieve 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) tracking and wireless transmission. Most of the previous VR devices, including the current mobile VR, are 3DOF (three degrees of freedom) to track, only to identify the head around the rotation of the information, if you squat up or move around, you see the virtual world is not Change your perspective as you move. And Vive currently do 6DOF tracking, you can allow players in 3 × 4 meters of space free movement, and you see the VR perspective will follow you real-time changes, which get a stronger VR immersion. Plus TPCast wireless upgrade kit, but also get rid of cable constraints, so that experience in the space more freedom to exercise. These are the past VR inventors dream of technological breakthroughs.

knowledge seven

In fact, 360 ° panoramic video is not really a VR movie, the current real VR video can only be used in the form of CG

360 ° panoramic technology is a use of panoramic camera on the reality of the scene after multi-angle shooting, and then use the computer for post-suture to complete a three-dimensional virtual display technology. Whether 360 ° or 360 ° photos are not real VR, their essence is through the camera to capture the full 3D scene, and then 360 ° or 720 ° show. And not like the real VR content, and virtual environment to participate in interaction, just a bystander. But there is no technology to capture the real scene completely in the VR to interact, so only through the computer animation (CG) to create a real VR interactive scene.

knowledge eight

When you play a roller coaster and other VR experience feel dizzy, not VR can not cheat your eyes, but can not deceive your ears

Vertigo is due to the human body on the spatial positioning of obstacles, resulting in a dynamic or position illusion. The vestibular system in the human ear can feel the change of the head position, in charge of the balance of the human body. In the VR experience when the roller coaster, the eye is the information you pass at high speed, but because the reality of the experience did not move, vestibular system will pass out your signal in situ. This information on the spatial positioning of the conflict, is the real cause of vertigo. So do not think that only high-speed mobile screen allows you to vertigo Oh, in fact, just your "ears" too honest Bale.

In fact, VR dizziness also with the VR device display screen refresh rate, VR content refresh rate and mobile mechanism design, and the surrounding environment and other factors. So in the VR experience shop, if you use the vibration effect of the egg chair or platform, plus the fan in front of the straight blow, VR experience who will really think that their own high-speed movement, it will not be so easy to dizzy.

knowledge nine

Scientific research found that the normal use of VR head does not cause myopia, VR equipment on the degree of visual impact close to the Tablet PC

Some people think VR Goggles screen from the eyes so close, will not cause myopia? In fact, there is a misunderstanding here, although the VR device lens from the eyes close, but in fact, VR world, the human eye focal length is naturally relaxed. Rather than people watching the computer when the eyes focus on the fixed screen, eyes tight long down easily lead to myopia.

In May this year, Beijing's future image high-tech innovation center jointly Beijing Institute of Technology and other units, conducted a research experiment, and released the first "long-term use of VR head-mounted display equipment for young people's visual impact of experimental summary report". From the current preliminary experimental results, in the correct use of VR equipment and select the appropriate VR content of the case, the use of VR equipment, the ultimate impact on younger age vision is more positive.

knowledge ten

Children can use VR equipment under the supervision of adults

With the development of VR, more and more people began to use VR, including children. Many parents will worry about the child so little use of VR will be no harm. In fact, as long as the experience is not too much to stimulate the content, under the supervision of adults, children can also use the VR device. On a description also, as long as the correct use of VR CASE, it will not affect the children's vision. But adults still have to pay attention to the safety of children, and can not be used for a long time.

In fact, there are children's hospitals using VR equipment to reduce the pain of children suffering from the disease, there are institutions using VR to autistic children for treatment, there are many children's VR education content. So parents can be assured Oh!


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