VR VR glasses is the carrier and handle it? do you have entrepreneurial opportunities?

- Oct 08, 2016 -

Nowadays, the concept of VR is the most hottest, VR+ project, if it's not too far, more or less have access to financing.
However, as mobile Internet needs smartphones as interactive as the vehicle is VR VR carrier current glasses (helmet), and a handle.
However, as the traditional Internet to mobile Internet transition, there are many factors that are necessary for development, such as comfort, such as a portable.
As of right now, VR glasses technology apparently did not reach this level, we can get to play with the phone on the train for several hours to pass the time, but it is unlikely to be wearing VR glasses to pass the time.
This is not to say that wearing VR glasses "visibility", future development, after all, to a certain extent, we use is not possible. But in terms of current technology, and don't allow people to use the device for a long time.
At present, in the Guinness Book of world records, foreign man wearing VR glasses for up to 25 hours in a row, finally able to record, however, during which time he vomited several times.
So, from the point of view of comfort, current VR glasses is not suitable for people to use for a long time, which is comfortable enough. On the other hand, portable, VR glasses is poor. When our daily travel, cell phones are a must-have item, and is linked on the one hand, on the other hand is to the Internet. Required to carry cell phones to pay for "cost" is just a little bit of space, perhaps coupled with the mobile power.
VR glasses are different, the products currently on the market can meet certain requirements, the volume is still very great. If you want more features, you also need to connect more processing equipment, as well as more equipment. Such as processors, such as the handle.
For day-to-day needs, MR will be the future trends and needs. If not portable, the VR scenario are localized.
So, in the future, VR VR is not only eye with the handle of the carriers, carriers now is more like a PC computer and the mouse and keyboard in the Internet age, carrier of the future, or is the projection? Is implantable chips? Worth to be seen.

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