VR is time for video game controllers

- Oct 08, 2016-

Editor's Note: the writer is YOTOVR, guest columnist Matt Leddy. He is VR/AR the user interface design expert, founder of Lightbringer Ventures. The company develops immersive 3D operating system FOREVER 1.0, gesture control tools Metacom and Metaverse label application Spectrum.
Until recently, the VR interaction and navigation depend to a large extent, game handle, such as the XBOX 360 controller. Use the joypad manipulation VR equipment, as well as to add a new iPhone mobile mouse. Despite the VR brings freshness, but did not have a 33-year history of equipment bring too much change. Since 1983, classic rectangle NES controller was born, has maintained a 4-direction control key on the left side, the right side is "a", "b" button, is among several control buttons, classic styling.
PS4 or the Xbox 360 controller also remained similar to the NES controller structure, a little change is the addition of wireless features, ergonomic design and adds a few buttons. We uphold the tradition of classic, always think there is no need to break the design. Nintendo 64 controller (Trident handle) and the Sony DualShock improvements to handle has made a great contribution, adds new joystick, allowing the player to control 3D games in either direction can aim at and around 360 ° perspective, players push rocker, game characters move the speed will change accordingly. In play first-person shooter games, the player can fire, turning, and forward and backward. They also added a second lever to control the player perspective.

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