VR industry future warming such as millet and hammer

- Oct 08, 2016-

On October 4, Google held a fall fashion show, introduced a VR headset for Daydream platform and publishing software and cooperation projects, including compatible mobile Pixel Daydream platform.

Google will release a Daydream based platform developed by Daydream VR Head View, while at the same time new Android phones released by Pixel has also supported the Daydream. Prices as high as $ 79, is to handle the biggest attractions and interactive.

Over the years, Google has an important position in VR. Andriod enormous installed capacity to convince people that Google will not miss the new VR media. Previously, Google by simple Cardboard, to spread the concept of virtual reality, presented at the I/O Conference this year after Daydream platform and want to create another Android mobile VR field. We can see that many so-called VR glasses now, both in itself and in the phone's software and hardware performance varies greatly, brings the user experience is often not very good, Daydream and standardize the entry threshold.

If the year's Google I/O Conference, Daydream did not fully hosted everyone looks forward to this autumn launch, about VR drive how big remains to be seen. Daydream and Pixel View of mobile phone is not cheap and not directly to universal, especially this year, may not have a Daydream Ready phones other than the Pixel. However, Daydream View identifies industry standards, copycat tide is likely to bring China, 79 Yuan or even lower price may have been on the road.

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