Mobile VR equipment selection

- Oct 08, 2016-

Most important is the sense of immersion in virtual reality, only feel themselves in the experience to be involved in the scene is a qualified VR equipment, and if it is still a theatre looks on faces, the VR products is almost a failure. Products listed in the following article lists the advantages and disadvantages of each and the immersion points. Because the hardware cost is low, glasses box products is now quite a mixed bag, I personally select only a few work well at the same time there is a big advantage in the content of the product is introduced, after all, no content, no matter how good the hardware is only an empty shell.
Most current mobile VR equipment for glass boxes, so the contents of this article are for this type of product. This product's prototype is Google's Cardboard, which is launched in 2014 at the I/O Conference Google experimental thing, its simple, and supports both Android phones and the iPhone. Ultra low cost allows you to experience virtual reality. Because of ECHO surprisingly well, and then in 2015 at the I/O Conference, Google introduced version 2.0, but also directly open the Cardboard DIY tutorial. Just need cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and elastic bands can be made into glasses box, and then place your cell phone where you can create your own virtual reality helmet.

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