McDonald's customer experience farm life food industry also play with VR glasses black technology

- Oct 08, 2016-

Well-known multinational fast-food brand McDonald's recently released a fun experience, content is using VR glasses experience Macdonald's farm games. Restaurants take as the technology giants are also related to VR industry, but looks fun.
Recently, McDonald's in the United Kingdom opened a VR experience for up to 7 months. Oculus helmet or Gear customers through Samsung VR experience Macdonald's farm games, simulation of cultivated crops.
As McDonald's main products, French fries, food has been a customer favorite for years. And you know this how a root chips come from? VR projects through McDonald's McDonald's farm games and VR glasses on, customers can experience a simulated game harvest potatoes, if you go too fast, potatoes will fall down and go too slow you will shake at the top. Customer must maintain a steady state, in case of failure of these potatoes.
This is a harvest Simulator called crop top, will soon be used for public consumption. It will tour the country on trucks at McDonald's, which is the company's new "following in our footsteps" part. The plan has 2 goals. It wants to tell you how to make a big Mac is, and encourage more people to consider industry career.
Sweden McDonald's has started testing virtual reality happy meal, rolled out its first VR glasses, named Happy Goggles. McDonald's and Google's VR glasses Cardboard is very similar to imitate its design, functionality, and structure are of Cardboard, but Happy Goggles are made of a McDonald's lunch box, the user simply folded according to drawings, can be used with smart phones.

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