Lost video game controllers, mainstream VR interaction is what?

- Oct 08, 2016-

Terminal in every generation has its mainstream way. Era of PC keyboards and mice, game console era handles as well as touch-screen Smartphone era, which interact with one another to reduce the operating threshold of consumers, stimulate new vitality of Terminal market. Visible, interact with one another is critical for Terminal. So mainstream VR display Terminal interactions will be like?

At present, the VR display terminals are in early stages of development, the big advantage by virtue of their VR interactive solutions. Time, the market is flooded with various interactive VR display terminals, some binding handle, equipped with remote controls, install touchpad, even some with gesture recognition features. This variety of interaction forms status contributed to VR interactive discussions.

Sony PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift, HTC Vive is a PC port or host-side representatives of the VR helmet, three can be compatible with traditional video game controllers, and their own controllers, or even to support spatial orientation technologies, users can move small. Xbox One handle, the DualShock 4 handle are the OculusRift and the Sony PlayStation VR standard. Meanwhile, SonyPlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift, HTC Vive specialized controllers PSMove dynamic controllers, Oculus Touch-Sensing controller, Grip controller.

Among them, the OculusRift is also equipped with Oculus Remote Remote control the remote control has a circular trackpad, returns and Home keys, volume keys, similar to the new Apple TV remote control. Sony PlayStation VR based on dynamic controller derived from PS VRAim PS Move controllers. HTC Vive Sony PlayStation and VR, Oculus Rift different is its Lighthouse location technology can accurately capture the users hands, head, and body movements, support users in 15 ft x 15 ft space free to move, more immersive.

While mobile VR Gear VR to Samsung, storm magic mirror, big friend VR machine, and Pico-VR machine as their representative. GearVR and friend VR machine control programmes are similar, are porting Android phones control programmes, both equipped with touch pad, the back key on the right side and the volume control key, big friend VR machine also have a power button on the left side. Storm mirror is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, storm mirror 5 Plus Leap Motion also introduced the company's technology, you can gesture interaction in VR environments. PicoVR to manipulate the machine, you will need to handle.

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