Does not support game controllers, so VR games give the player VR experience?

- Oct 08, 2016-

A few days ago, magic duojun you see the message saying, content Director of Oculus Rubin said their companies very Pro game controller, they think the game controller is very good, did not believe the game handles disappear.
Meaning of this sentence is clear, Oculus for gamepad is very promising. A VR industry hardware manufacturers and content why would say, magic duojun feel the need to talk about it, video game controllers.

Oculus says game controller will not go away. But judging from the present situation, and gamepad are disappearing!

It currently has 180 million users and 500,000 VR games Steam platform, open the search box, you can easily see that support gamepad VR games only 150 results.
Of course, this also includes some games support game handles and VR sign controller and is a pure experience does not need an interactive VR games.

From this point of view, joypad support is plummeting. Include the current store and game development team, almost didn't see the game handles.

"VR game without adapter joypad, VR games just gesture controllers to interact gamepad does not experience the sense of immersion and VR the interactive experience of the game. "Seems to be a lot of developers default.

See Oculus Home platforms, all support the Xbox ONE joypad game, whether it's 3A masterpiece, or a game. You can also view, Oculus Touch just won't release these games.

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