Different price VR glasses what is selected

- Oct 08, 2016 -

Now with the mobile phone as a screen and cell mobile VR glasses ranging in price from hundreds of thousands of Yuan, and we can spend 10 Yuan to DIY a similar set of equipment. Question, since spending 10 bucks a VR glasses to be DIY, friends look at the glory, storm magic mirror, VR, virtual reality white, Pico, Gear brands such as VR VR glasses what sell so expensive?
DIY VR glasses are low cost, but they had a very awkward question: face value is too low, if the material used is a face rough contact with the face, needed when using both hands hold sides hugged in front of them, long arm is also a burden. No way, who let me cheap?
And VR glasses brand's biggest advantage is that it will often have a "good look", parts in contact with eyes will be affixed to a layer of soft sponge pad, and is equipped with a convenient fixed in head wear accessories, in use both hands can be freed. In short, look pleasing to the eye, wearing comfortable brand VR glasses outside killer.
Simple for, lenses of material will effect picture of clarity, non-spherical of meaning is reduced distortion; depending on field angle more big, binocular see of range also on more big, immersed sense also on more strong; regulation pupil from of meaning main is slow depending on fatigue; and so-called real from regulation is care myopia with glasses of user, removed glasses Hou also can through regulation real from see clear of picture.

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