ANC Headhone

ANC Headhone

Bluetooth Version & Solution: CSR8635
Bluetooth Range: 20m
Battery Capacity: 300mAh (Noise Cancelling +Bluetooth function)
Music playing/Talking Time: 8-10 hours
Charging Time:1-2 hours

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anc headphone

noise cancelling headphone

NOISE Cancelling


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1) Do not put this product in a fire to bake or burn, so as not to pollute the environment, especially after the battery is used up, it should be thrown into the trash.

2) Please do not wipe with corrosive liquid to avoid scratching the surface of the cabinet with hard objects, so as not to affect the appearance.

3) Do not place this product in the following environments: places that are too hot, cold, or too humid, places that are directly exposed to sunlight, and places that are dusty.

4) When dirt and dust are on the surface of the cabinet, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning fluids or other chemical solvents, so as not to corrode the surface of the cabinet and inject damage to the components.

5) Do not try to disassemble, disassemble or modify any part of this product by yourself, such behavior may damage the product and invalidate the product warranty you enjoy.

6) If you want to discard this product, please put it in a professional recycling bin for disposal.

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