Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones

Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones

Pairing name: B2
Charging method: Micro USB 5V
Charging current: 250MA

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Product Details

Product parameters

1. Working current: ≤20mA

2. Battery capacity: 500MA/H

3. Play/talk time: 8-10 hours

4. Standby time: off state> 3 months

5. Charging time: 1-2 hours

6. Shutdown standby current: ≤1.5uA

7. Working voltage: 3.7V

8. Impedance: (32±15%)Ω, at 1KHz

9. Sensitivity: 100dB±3db, at 1KHZ, 1mw

10. Frequency response: 20-2KHZ

Product description

The wireless headset consists of two parts, a signal transmitter and a headset with a signal receiving and amplifying device (usually a moving coil). The transmitter is connected to the signal source, and you can also connect a preamp or headphone amplifier before the transmitter to improve the sound quality and adjust the tone.  

Wireless headphones generally refer to a headphone system that transmits signals by infrared rays, and a cordless headset refers to a headphone system that uses radio waves to transmit signals. The working frequency of infrared earphones ranges from several KHz to several MHz, and the effective distance is about 10 meters. The earphones must be within the visual range; the working frequency of radio earphones is VHF 130MHz-200 MHz, UHF 450 MHz -900MHz, and most cordless earphones work on UHF , The transmission range is up to 100 meters, and obstacles can be bypassed. Two or more wireless/cordless earphones may interfere with each other, so when choosing them, it is best to choose a variety with multiple operating frequencies. For cordless earphones, the possibility of interference when working on UHF is less than that on VHF. Both headsets have background noise, and higher-end models have adopted noise reduction technology. It should also be noted that the battery life of the wireless/cordless headset should generally not exceed 8 hours.


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