BT Earbuds With Microphone

BT Earbuds With Microphone

Model Number: TS08
Brand Name: shinecon
Is wireless:Yes
Wireless Type:Bluetooth
Support Memory Card:No

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Product Details

Product Paramenters



Bluetooth version

Bluetooth V5.0

Support profile


Bluetooth range


Frequency response


Charging time

About 1.5 hours

Waterproof Standard


Charging case battery



①Voice assistant

You don't need to take out your mobile phone, you can call the voice assistant by tapping the left ear three times,you can easily give instructions such as navigation and phone calls.

②Stereo surround HIFI sound quality

Small size and big realm, T5S uses 6mm moving coil unit, built-in AAC advanced audio decoding, with professional tri-band tuning, the sound is rich and full.

③Smart true wireless earbuds

This is a new breakthrough from the inside out. The aesthetic design of this earbuds, the golden ratio curve, light and mini, wearing like nothing.Comfortable to wear, bring a feeling of no experience.

Production Details

BT earphones

earphones with mic


TWS earphone

Wirelee earbuds


The earphones do a good job in terms of comfort. The soft silicone earplugs make the ear no longer painful; you can wear the Bluetooth earphones when doing housework, playing with the computer, and occasionally cooking, because it can release your hands without miss any call.The earphones, it can bring us many benefits. We all know that the mobile phone has radiation, which is harmful to the body;holding the mobile phone for 10 minutes will make the arm sore and the ears are very uncomfortable; I believe that everyone has experienced this kind of feeling. The earphones solve these problems very well. It can keep our brain away from the radiation of the mobile phone, and it does not need to hold the mobile phone to make calls. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of the mobile phone falling.

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