New AI smart thermometer

New AI smart thermometer

Sensor type:Infrared+Thermal sensors
Object distance:15CM
Detect range:32 to 42.9℃
Detect time:2seconds
Standby power:50mWatt

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Product Details

Product Paramenters  





Object distance


Sensor type

Infrared sensor

Detect range

32 to 42.9℃

Detect time


Detect distance




Backlight color


Power supply

Type-C 5V/1A

Standby power


Where to use

Thank you for choosing our company's voice thermometer, this product is a new type of Al voice thermometer, suitable for schools, offices, buses, vehicles, supermarkets, parking lots and other environments. There are two installation methods: wall mounted and bracket, which saves people from  taking a close up to measure body temperature and reduces the risk of cross infection. It has easy to use, high measurement accuracy,temperature measurement range and other features. 

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temperature measurement device1

Reliability And Quality Control
1.Thermal Cyclic test:

Test chamber consists of separate compartments;one is set at -10℃ with RH0% and the other set at +60℃ with RH 80%.Each temperature cycle shall consist of a 1 hour exposure at -10℃ followed by an hour exposure at +60℃ with a 5 seconds maximum transition time between temperatures. Start cycle testing with the high temperature and conclude with the cold temperature.Test samples are power off. The test duration is for 4 cycles and must end in the hot cycle. If the sample surface has no cracks and no affect in specification,it passes the thermal cyclic test.

2. Drop Test:

A free -fall drop frpm a height of 1m  to  concrete  for all 6 planes for unit drop and carton drop will be based on the weight, with noe corner ,3 edges and 6 surfaces drops .Units are to be in as normal an operational configuration as possible prior to drop. Functional and electrical performance specification must be met and no mechanical defects such as cracking ,chipping, separation,bent or broken contacts,etc.are to occur. 

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